Expand your King George V Stamps Collection in Australia

Here you will find a wide range of Australian stamps and other quality KGV products. Whether you are an experienced collector of quality Heads, or just starting to explore the advantages of owning a rare and specialised collection, this is the place for you!

Our wide variety of items will add value to your collection – each one is made unique by flaws in printing procedures, and the slight differences make them interesting and valuable.

High value, rare stamps

My goal here is to provide you with a more extensive selection of interesting and hard-to-source items priced to sell.

Here, we offer rare and exclusive items for your collection, so you’ll have something you’ve never seen before. The types are varied – all made slightly different through flaws in the printing process, including cracks in the printing plates. However, rather than decreasing value, these flaws make the stamps more desirable, with collectors looking to expand their collection with definitive examples of these unique flaws. .

The extensive history of these stamps has been well-researched, by me and other experts, and I am pleased to offer you the best service available.

Becoming a collection member

You can become a member of our group by creating your customer account, participate in blog discussions and enjoy special member offers. Some of you have been regular buyers from me on eBay (mistletopia0885) where I list King George V stamps of value by 99c auction.

About my history – collecting stamps and beyond

I have a lifelong passion for stamps – starting as a small boy collecting stamps from envelopes and broadening my collection with international stamps which my father (a travel agent) sourced from his many contacts– I  received an impressive King George V inheritance from my grandfather. Ever since, I have been researching the intricacies of KGV stamps in Australia, fascinated by this country’s most researched stamp.

My knowledge and experience of these items means I am well placed to advise you on introducing KGV products  into your burgeoning collection.

Introducing KGV into your stamp collection

If this seems like the investment for you, contact me and my team – I’d love to chat to you about our products and how you can introduce some into your own collection. I’m based in the Barossa Valley in South Australia and I am here to help you, so please feel free to contact me by email or by blog with any enquiries.