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Author: Stuart   Date Posted: 27 May 2016  

I inherited a box of more than 10000 used KGV 1d Green stamps when I was a teenager and I spent over a year soaking them and sorting them into their watermarks and flaws. Using a KGV 1d Green specialty catalogue, I sorted them into their specific flaws and I have an album full of Roos tongue out, NY joined etc... I am interested in selling these to a specialist like yourself. Regards, Stuart


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Author: David Letch   Date Posted: 2 December 2015  

Most collectors of Australian stamps will be familiar with the Australian Commonwealth Specialist's Catalogue, sometimes referred to as the "ASC", "Brusden-White" or "BW" catalogue. This catalogue lists the various recognised Shades and a selection of the Plated varieties for each of the KGV sideface (and commemorative) issues in Sections 3, 4 & 5, which is published as a separate volume for the KGV issues. The KGV Plate varieties which end up being listed in the BW catalogue are by no means the full set of known Plate varieties for each issue. The varieties which are listed in the BW catalogue are selected from the full list of known Plate varieties (which are l...

Author: David Letch   Date Posted: 1 December 2015  

A member has asked me the following questions which I thought I would share.

Looking through your web site, I've come across a few terms that I don't understand. 1/ For example; All your stamps have a Variety number - e.g. Variety 2L24. What does this mean and how do apply it. 2/ Not sure either what first state and second state is. 3/ Also I can't work out the colours given to the Penny Reds. Is there a list of colours available or is there something that you can check them against. 4/ What is meant by Hinged and unhinged? 

1/ The notations “2L24” etc are references to a position on the original printing plate. When these stamps were pri...

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Author: David Letch   Date Posted: 23 September 2015  

Thank you for becoming a Member of this Website and welcome to the Blog discussions! I have established this forum to enable us to share our interest and discuss topics related to collecting Australian KGV stamps. As a new Member, please introduce yourself first within this Blog topic so we can get to know each other. Perhaps a good place to start is to share what or who inpired you to collect KGV stamps. I have written about my journey collecting stamps in "About Us" on the home page menu. Please have a look at our blog guidelines before posting.

David Letch



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