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Author: David Letch   Date Posted:2 December 2015 

Most collectors of Australian stamps will be familiar with the Australian Commonwealth Specialist's Catalogue, sometimes referred to as the "ASC", "Brusden-White" or "BW" catalogue. This catalogue lists the various recognised Shades and a selection of the Plated varieties for each of the KGV sideface (and commemorative) issues in Sections 3, 4 & 5, which is published as a separate volume for the KGV issues. The KGV Plate varieties which end up being listed in the BW catalogue are by no means the full set of known Plate varieties for each issue. The varieties which are listed in the BW catalogue are selected from the full list of known Plate varieties (which are listed in the various Plating Guides for each KGV denomination which I have referenced in the Website) by an expert editorial panel. The panel has a difficult task; if all of the Plate varieties were listed then the KGV Catalogue would need to be published in in many volumes, which would be extremely expensive and impractical. Despite the expertise of the editorial panel, the selections are partly arbitrary, and many important Plate varieties are omitted from the final BW listings.

Collectors like myself, who specialise in KGV Plate varieties, rely mainly on the Plating Guides for each KGV denomination which have been published by dedicated KGV researchers. These Plating Guides provide comprehensive lists of the known Plate varieties, although it needs to be added that new discoveries are always being made and these are sometimes published in specialist philatelic journals and monographs.  KGV Plate variety collectors will find a wealth of knowledge in the Plating Guides, which are an invaluable resource for the serious KGV collector.

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