Advice on selling Penny Green collection

Author: Stuart   Date Posted:27 May 2016 

I inherited a box of more than 10000 used KGV 1d Green stamps when I was a teenager and I spent over a year soaking them and sorting them into their watermarks and flaws. Using a KGV 1d Green specialty catalogue, I sorted them into their specific flaws and I have an album full of Roos tongue out, NY joined etc... I am interested in selling these to a specialist like yourself. Regards, Stuart

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12 January 2018
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Brief Inventory of KGV 1 Penny Green Stamps

31 May 2016
Thanks David, I have a specific album just for the plated varieties. They are organised in their watermarks and in their varieties. For instance in the Watermark 7, I have: 6 * Scratch behind roo 8/32 3 * RA joined 7/60 11 * Roo's Tongue out 8/56 4 * Dent in right frame, right of emu's foot (not sure which plate specification) 11 * Nick in Frame 7/32 8 * Break in right frame, right of emu's foot 6/55 8 * Break in frame, where 7/32 nick should be (not sure which plate specification) 6 * Weeping 4th Pearl 7/7 7 * Run "N" of one 8/60 13 * Flaw under neck 7/37 7 * line above "E" of "ONE" (not sure which plate specification) 7 * Ferns 7/54 3 * NY joined 8/25 6 * Dot before 1 6/21 4 * Corner Dot Bottom Right Corner 8/54 7 * Error in ink (unique flaws) 11 * Secret mark 7/1 10 * Thin One Penny 8/14 11 * Large nick centre left frame 5/1 3 * Wattle Line 7/31 2 with more than one variety I have 62 plate varieties in Watermark 10 and lots more varieties in other watermarks. I am definitely interested in selling my whole collection of 10,000 1d. Green's to a buyer who understands the intrinsic value of these specialised stamps. My unplated loose stamps are simply bagged in watermark types. I also have 11 * Die II's and lots of loose stamps that I kept separate in my special album 30 years ago, and I can't remember what is so special about them as I have not touched this album 30 years until one week ago. All my stamps are in used condition with varying cancellations and the majority are fully perforated (without tears).

RE: Advice on selling Penny Green collection

31 May 2016
Hi Stuart Thanks for your enquiry! There are many specialists who collect single-value KGV stamps, so there is a good chance you can find another home for your collection, and I may be interested. Firstly, we need to establish what you have in greater detail, so I have several questions for you. 1) Are you wanting to sell your entire collection of 10,000 Penny Greens? 2) Is your collection an album of plated varieties plus unplated loose stamps? 3) Do you have an inventory? The first two questions should be straightforward, the third may need some work on your behalf. An inventory does not need to be exhaustive, but it needs to cover enough bases so that an assessment of value can be made. I have some advice here that should be useful. Draw up an inventory so that we can identify how many plated varieties you have for each of the Watermarks (Single, Large Multiple, Small Multi perf. 14, Small Multi perf 12.5 X 13.5, CofA). You should be able to come up with a list showing the number of copies you have of specific varieties for each Watermark. This covers the plate varieties. Your inventory should also include a count of the loose unplated stamps you have for each watermark. Sounds like a great project, I look forward to your reply! Cheers David Letch

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