Buying KGV Stamps

Author: David Letch   Date Posted:2 October 2015 

Why collect Australian KGV variety stamps?
The Australian KGV sideface definitives are highly collectable. Like the Australian Kangaroo and Map defintive series (1913-1950), they are printed in a wide range of colours and denominations and present beautifully in collections and exhibits. Issues from both defintive series were printed in many millions to cater for the various and changing rates of Australia's domestic and international postal services during and after the two World Wars.
The KGV series is generally more plentiful, affordable and accessible to collectors. These stamps have been researched for many decades, and the complex history of their printing has been revealed through archival records and research of surviving material. The surface printing method used for the Australian KGV sideface issues, in which of sheets of stamps are printed from metal plates subject to wear and tear, results in recurring "plateable" printing flaws. These "plateable" flaws are so defined because they can be traced to a specific "cliche" on the original printing Plate of 120 (10 rows of 6 in  Left and Right Panes). KGV stamps with plate flaws exhibit evidence of damage and repair of the plates. Some spectacular varieties display fractures or cracks in the cliche; these are known as the "Cracked Electros". These stamps are very scarce because the plate damage developed relatively quickly before catastrophic damage occurred to the plate. They are now among Australia's most valuable and sought-after stamps.
All prices listed on this website are in Australian (AU) dollars. Prices are set according to scarcity, centering and condition, and with reference to the standard specialists' catalogue for this material:

Kellow, J (Ed.), 2014, The Australian Commonwealth Specialists' Catalogue: King George V, Centenary of the King George V Definitives, 1914-2014, Brusden-White.

Items have been priced for rapid sale, and most listings have substantial mark-downs on catalogue prices. It should be kept in mind that well-centered items attract significant premiums above catalogue prices (50% or more for perfect centering!). You will find that I have not applied these premiums to my prices to keep my prices down. Please note that any faults are as accurately described as is practicable, and adjustments to the listed price have been made for any faults or poor centering. Images of the front and back of the stamps have been scanned at a resolution which will enable you to suitably examine each item.

I have done my best to avoid any errors or omissions in item descriptions, but should you be unhappy with any individual item, please return it within 14 days of receipt of the item for a full refund (you pay for standard return postage). Items returned for refund must be in the same condition as delivered to you at the time of purchase.

Please use the email facility on this website to contact me should you have any enquiries or specific requests.