1&1/2d Red, DIE 2, Small Multi Wmk, perf 14, 1926-30

Printed by AJ Mullett, 1926-27, and J Ash, 1927-28 and first issued on 5th November 1926

Printed by AJ Mullett 1926-27 from new steel plates derived from a new Die. Electros 1a, 1, 2,3, & 4 were used by Mullett for printings on perforation 14 paper. Mullett also made a number of printings on perforation 12.5 X 13.5 paper using Electros 1,2,3 & 4 over the same period. John Ash continued printing from Electros 1,2,3 & 4 between 1927-28, using perforation 14 paper, following substitution of the Mullett imprint and some retouches and re-entry of some die impressions. Standard texts used to identify these varieties are:

Forbes, Sandy, 2006, Commonwealth of Australia, George V 1&1/2d Die 2, British Society of Australian Philately

Kellow, J (Ed.), 2014, The Australian Commonwealth Specialists' Catalogue: King George V, Centenary of the King George V Definitives, 1914-2014, Brusden-White

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