Rare Australian Postage Stamps

Focusing on Australian KGV stamps of interest and value is our speciality. For years, we have devoted ourselves to the research and acquisition of KGV, each presenting an interesting difference in design and production.

The tiny flaws in the production of the items only add to, rather than take away from, their value –attracting a high price internationally. These authentic gems are a welcome addition for any collector, and will only increase in value over time due to their desirability and scarcity.

Plate variety stamps

We sell many plate variety items, including some rare acquisitions from 1914–38. Each plate variety is an interesting and collectable example of faults in the printing processes and the different attempts by the printers to repair damage to the printing plates. Plate varieties are highly collectible items that are an interesting insight into stamp production between the world wars. These rare Australian postage collectibles will be a valued addition to any collection.

Used stamps

Each of our used products have been selected as outstanding quality examples for collectors of postmarked KGV. The differences in postmark reflect   Australian society during the reign of King George V. Each stamp represents a fine used condition vintage collectible item with an increasing valuation.

With a huge variety of very different stamps in circulation during decades past, we have many denominations, colours, watermarks and perforations – which you can choose from to specialise your collection  – so you have near-endless choice of Australian  KGV postage stamps.

Rare Australian KGV stamps and their value

Due to the progressive development of plate flaws and the varied attempts to repair these flaws, each KGV variety stamp has an individual valuation. Used examples with postmarks depicting dates are particularly sought after by collectors because the dates can be used to track the development of the plate flaws and the attempts to repair them. As a result, some used KGV stamps can have a higher value than mint examples. Collecting plate varieties makes more sense than collecting mass-produced, homogenous postal goods.

Our experts are here to help

With extensive experience in the industry, as an avid collector himself, David Letch is at your disposal, should you ever wish to discuss our rare KGV stamps in Australia. Even as a small boy David’s collection was growing, with items from everywhere around the globe. After spending many years focusing his collection on KGV stamps and researching the intricacies of such items, David is ready to offer his expert advice. If you have questions before you purchase, please feel free to contact him, he is here to help.

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